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About Us

Our original business which started in 1992 was about creating new product innovations for the gardening and horticultural markets.

Over the following years our product design company established itself as a successful team skilled and experienced in electronics, engineering, graphic design and product innovation. Our approach to developing MICROGROWER CONCEPTS and related products meant that it was necessary in 2001 to create a corporate company which became Microgrower Limited.

Having such expertise within the company, it was inevitable that Microgrower would seek to develop and market its’ own range of branded products.

In 2009 the company embarked on a product development to provide a system for the germination and propagation of plants, which although was based on hydroponic technology resulted in the development of the PATENTED CELPOD PLANT GROWING SYSTEM which can also be used in soil medium.

Further developments allowed Microgrower to extend the use of the CELPOD technology from professional products to consumer products and has created the following product brands:

Microgrower™ - Trade Mark and Registered Designs (Patent Pending) – plant growing BIOCONTROLLER system

CELPOD™ - Trade Mark and Registered Designs (PATENTED) – unique plant growing system

Microgrower GROFRESH - Registered Designs – indoor gardeners for the Kitchen. The GROFRESH Kitchen Gardener.

Microgrower HOBBYPOTS™ - Trade Mark and Registered Designs – indoor gardeners for the Home

Microgrower HOBBY GARDENER - Registered Designs (Patent Pending) – modular gardeners for the Greenhouse and the Garden

Microgrower HARVESTER - Registered Designs (Patent Pending) – commercial and professional CELPOD plant growing systems

CELPOD™ is at the heart of every MICROGROWER PRODUCT.

Today the company operates from specialised design offices and plant research facilities located in the English countryside in the county of CHESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM

The Microgrower team has brought together a resilient supplier network of established companies based around the world and this family business is continuing to expand in international markets with the release of new innovations for the “grower gardener".