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All Microgrower CELPODS are simple and easy to use. Grows plants from seeds or plant plugs. Environmental friendly. Saves Water and Nutrients.

£9.95 per pack of 3 single colours


Celpod™ Refill Pack



Designed to fit into the CELPOD GROWING CHAMBERS. Our refill pack replaces used components.


£9.95 per pack of 3 sets

Re-build and re-use your Celpods with our Refill Packs

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Celpod 3 Growbed



Designed to fit into HOBBYPOTS and HOBBY GARDEN growtop root chambers and provides the potential to grow 3 plants in the space of ONE


£9.95 per pack of 2 GARDENERS

 blue nutrients

Germination & Propagation

100ml bottle

A gentle formulation of a balanced nutrient developed to benefit the requirements of seedlings and cuttings at an early stage.

This stabilised solution will help nurture your plants to achieve a good start leading to optimum growth.

£9.95 incl. VAT

    green nutrients

Herbs, Plants & Vegetables

100ml bottle

This formulation of Nutrients is carefully mixed to maximise the potential for producing healthy, strong plants and root systems.

Enriched with the highest quality Ingredients allowing plants to Reach their full potential.

£9.95 incl. VAT

 red nutrients

Blooms, Fruits & Tomatoes

100ml bottle

Formulated especially for promoting fast growing, healthy fruit and flowering crops with strong stems giving you superior quality crops.

Contains all elements required during the blooming stage to encourage active growth and flowering.

£9.95 incl. VAT


It’s easy to extend your HOBBY GARDEN – just simply PUSH and CLICK together.


Hobby Gardener

Celpod Gardener Module

Extend your Hobby Gardens starter kit as long as you like with our simple to plug-in extender modules.

-2 x Celpods

-2 x internal water valves

Available in 4 colours


£24.95 incl. VAT




Hobby Gardener

Corner Module

Extend your Hobby Gardens starter kit even further by taking it in a different direction.

Available in 4 colours


£14.95 incl. VAT