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Enjoy the delight of a Sleepy Night

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You’ve been looking forward to this moment all day and all you want to do is curl up and enjoy the delight of a sleepy night! Finally you climb into bed utterly exhausted, snuggle down then….ping! You’re more awake than you have been all day. You toss and turn and try every imaginable sleep position, even positions you’d not thought of. Your duvet is off then it’s on again. You huff and you puff and your mind runs all over the place. You keep looking at the clock, one o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock…five o’clock. As a last resort you try the old remedy of counting sheep. Then when you do eventually nod off and wake up in the morning, you wonder if you ever slept at all. Sound familiar?

How to Enjoy a Stress free Christmas

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Most of us love this time of year and have happy memories of Christmas's gone by....As children! How we made paper chains and snowflake decorations. The excitement of Santa coming down the chimney delivering our presents... but only if we went to sleep before midnight or he wouldn't come! (Or so our parents said). The joy of family coming for Christmas dinner which somehow tasted different to the usual Sunday dinner for some reason! The whole house enveloped in love, warmth and...Chaos!

Houseplant tips you should know...before you begin to grow

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Anyone that grows their own houseplants knows that they can be very temperamental. Like people (who can also be temperamental!) plants need to be fed, watered, rested, in need of some light and a dose of tender loving care. Sound easy? It would be if all plants had the same growing needs, but were pretty sure that even a non-gardener knows that's just not the case. So, before you begin to grow read the following houseplant tips of care; they should help you on your journey to becoming a successful grower.

Everyone Cheer... Summer is Here!

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Most people have happy memories of growing up during the summer months. As a child, summer started on the last week of school. Remember the excitement of knowing that you had six blissful weeks of not having to ‘get up’, of being able to just go out and ‘play’ for hours on end enjoying the freedom of not having to follow school rules.You didn’t have a care in the world apart from what you were planning to fill your days with fun things to do.