Think Outside the Culinary Box!


Are you stuck inside your culinary box? Ever thought of stepping outside? Are you up for bending the rules? If so and you want to challenge your palette then here’s something to think about… When you use herbs in your cooking, do you usually add them to the customary meat dishes, potatoes, salads or sauces to liven up the taste, or have you ever thought of using them in desserts? When you pair them correctly, the result is fragrant, fresh and irresistible, and it just shows you how invaluable herbs can be. For many, it’s that ‘secret family’ ingredient which brings out the undertones and sweetness to a huge range of desserts.

The Benefits of Houseplants


It is not surprising that houseplants are now more popular than ever before, and it’s easy to see why. They have tremendous appeal and not only do they add a splash of colour, texture and interest to your interior decoration, but they also have a beautiful way of breathing life and good energy into your home.

World Egg Day October 24th – and it’s not Easter!


For all you egg lovers out there, this day is for you - it's World Egg Day! World Egg Day was established at the IEC (International Egg Commission) Vienna 1996 conference when it was decided to celebrate this 'ultimate convenience food' on the second Friday in October each year. A day to honour how fantastic the humble egg really is and help raise awareness of the unbeatable benefits that eggs offer.