Whatever Happens – People need to eat!


More and more of us have woken up to the idea of growing our own food and the importance of knowing where it comes from. Knowing that there’s no harmful pesticides been used or wondering how long it’s been sat on the supermarket shelf. Of having that proud feeling when you say “I grew this” as you throw a handful of herbs into your cooking.  That’s what makes growing your own food so important and exciting. It’s important because you can start on the road to being self-sufficient and exciting because you will have fresh ingredients at your fingertips. Your food will taste so much more delicious with wonderful flavours. After all, taste matters!

Luckily, you don’t need to be a gardener to be able to start growing and having help in the kitchen. By using one of our automated Gardeners, it will take the drudge out of growing food plants. Not to mention, saving you time and back-breaking effort. Being able to grow in your own home, in a clean, pest-free environment is an added bonus. All Microgrower Gardeners allow you to do this since they use CELPOD technology.

So what is a Celpod?

Well to put it simply, it’s a unique patented plant growing system. When located in one of our Microgrower Gardeners, the Celpod enables you to grow your own plants.  Along with the Biocel, the Celpod gives you the choice of growing your plants from either seeds or plant plugs.

celpod steps.png

Like any other living being, your plants need watering and feeding. The beauty of Celpod is that it delivers both these necessities straight to the plants roots without the need to manually do it and ‘guessing’ at getting the water balance right. This saves water and nutrients through controlling the amount of water used by the plant.

Now it may look simple, but there’s more to this little device than meets the eye. It has an extraordinary capability that goes way beyond the use of ‘growing at home’ and is not restricted for use with our indoor gardens. Check out our ‘coming soon’ Hobby Gardens at

The Celpod has been developed over the last ten years with the foresight of helping others around the world to grow sustainable food production in locations not previously possible for plant growth. Further products are in development that will widen the potential of growing food plants. Especially in developing countries with difficult growing conditions.

It’s an exciting time!