Say Yes to Celpod Gardening


Until you’ve grown your own food yourself, you really can’t imagine what you are missing. There really is nothing more rewarding. But, just to give you an idea, here are a few reasons that we think are worth mentioning.

  • The range of seeds is huge with new varieties appearing every year so you have far more choice when you grow your own than what is available at the supermarket. Just think about carrots, there are usually only two varieties, organic or not organic! See what we mean?
  • The richness of flavour is undeniable tastier than shop bought and richer in nutrients.
  • The freshness of home-grown is pretty obvious if you think about it. After all, do we know how long the food has been sat on the supermarket shelf, or even how long it travelled to get there?
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Just being able to say “I grew that” is an amazing sense of accomplishment!

But, probably the most important factor is helping prevent the global issue of food waste. In the UK, we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink every year, with bread, fruit and vegetables the most commonly thrown away. So, any help towards a better environment has to be a good thing - right? While we are mentioning waste, let’s not forget the huge problem we have with excessive ‘packaging’ and disposing of it. Being able to eat food straight from your kitchen or garden reduces the packaging problem.

But what is Celpod gardening you may ask?


Well, if you are looking for something new in the gardening world then look no further. This fresh unique approach to growing your own plants has many benefits and definitely great reasons for giving it a go!

* Safe and environment friendly

* Easy to use and maintain

*No soil-borne insects or diseases

* Saves on water and nutrients

* Delivers both water and nutrients direct to the plants root system. The plant can concentrate on using its growing energy into the parts we see and love and not into their roots searching for food and water

* You can grow from either seeds or plant plugs

* It’s so easy to transfer plant plugs in three easy steps if you don’t want to wait around for germination. Plant plugs have already undergone the early growing stages so you can have an INSTANT GARDEN with no difficulty. There are some great varieties from seed companies too, so again, you have more choice.

no text 3-steps.png

*The Celpod is at the heart of all our Indoor Gardens, so even if you don’t have a garden or any outside space, or you live in an apartment with limited kitchen space, you can still grow your own plants. Our automated Hobbypots are ideal and will sit nicely in small spaces.  Or if you are really tight on space, but you do have a windowsill, you can still have a garden! Our Hobby Garden is WINDOW GARDENING at its best. Designed to fit any window, all it requires is direct sunlight. This self-watering garden requires no power, just water nutrient solution. What could be easier?

HOBBY Gardener.png

*The best bit about Celpod Gardening though, is that it is extremely easy, and is ideal for all levels of gardeners, even if you have a ‘brown thumb’!  For very little time and effort you can have fresh culinary delights at your fingertips ready for picking.

So, whatever reason you have for growing your own food or houseplants, don’t be overwhelmed with the thought of starting your own indoor garden, it’s actually simpler than it sounds! Talking of houseplants, they are making a comeback in 2018 and not purely for aesthetic reasons. They are actually beneficial to your home. So what are you waiting for? Start your gardening journey and reap all the benefits for a healthier life