Everyone Cheer... Summer is Here!

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Most people have happy memories of growing up during the summer months. As a child, summer started on the last week of school. Finally... summer is here! Remember the excitement of knowing that you had six blissful weeks of not having to ‘get up’. Of being able to just go out and ‘play’ for hours on end enjoying the freedom of not having to follow school rules.You didn’t have a care in the world apart from what you were planning to fill your days with fun things to do.

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Recalling the delight you felt on hearing the ice-cream van chimes, rushing to find some money before it drove off down the road and out of sight. The gentle purr of next doors lawnmower and the smell of freshly cut grass wafting through the air. Family picnics on days out to the beach where your sandwiches were always egg and sand, ham and sand or anything with sand! A time when warm sunny days seemed to merge into one long summer…..oh happy days!

Let’s fast forward to being an adult and the ‘grown-up’ memories of summer.

Sunburn, heat stroke, insect bites, nettle stings, flies and the dreaded ants. In the garden, in the house, they get everywhere!

While we all know that fresh herbs and vegetables are good for us when we consume them, many don’t realise they have other helpful uses too, especially in the summer months. Take a look at these do-it-yourself remedies that provide a natural and effective solution to many of our summer problems.


* For mosquito bites, try basil which contains camphor and thymol, both of which relieve itching.Simply crush a few fresh leaves and press them over bites to relieve the symptoms.




* Problems with flies? Break up mint leaves to release the natural oils, insert in several sachet and position them around your home.

 * Wasp stings can be helped by using parsley. It has natural antibiotic properties that prevent infections, disperse poisons and reduce swelling and pain. Crush a handful of fresh leaves and lay the bruised leaves in a thin layer over the sting and hold until the pain subsides.

* For help with heat exhaustion and fatigue, lemon balm is a cooling and calming herb. Add a couple of fresh leaves to a glass of to water for a natural and refreshing way to cool your body down.

* Trouble with ants? Crush some dried mint leaves and place them in the problem area

If you have any ideas on home remedies, share them in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.