Are you a gardener that can’t garden?


Are you a gardener that likes to be outdoors in the fresh air at this time of year tending to plants in the garden (weather permitting of course!). There is so much satisfaction to be had in watching plants grow before your eyes, particularly if they develop into beautiful flowers or tasty vegetables. There’s nothing nicer than being able to pick your own flowers or vegetables and eat what you’ve grown.

Are you a gardener that finds gardening difficult?

We know that for some people, however, gardening is more difficult to enjoy. Many people these days live in apartment blocks and don’t have a garden or any outside space, especially in cities. Others may have gardens but find that gardening is too difficult. Circumstances such as having a bad back may mean that people are unable to lean over to do any digging, weeding or sowing seeds. Having a disability or being in poor health due to illness or accident. This can make tending plants and enduring the stresses and strains of gardening outside too difficult.

For whatever reason you’re unable to garden outside, there is a simple solution that can overcome all these problems. You don't even have to have green fingers! Indoor gardening is becoming increasingly popular as people realise how easy it is to ‘bring the outdoors in.’ with no gardening experience whatsoever it is now easier than ever before. You can enjoy all the benefits that plants bring into your home.

Both decorative and useful, our Microgrower Gardeners bring a unique approach to indoor gardening. They allow you to grow an array of your favourite plants without the need of a garden or the burden of the manual labour it usually takes to look after plants.... A lazy gardeners dream!

Using our patented Celpod technology you’ll soon be growing your own plants indoors with no soil or digging required - keeping your hands clean. What’s more our automated growing system means that minimal watering is required. What could be simpler?

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