Greenhouse gardening is extremely heartening


Now, most of you may think that greenhouse gardening is for the sole purpose of growing your plants in a protected environment. Being able to grow out-of-season tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, herbs and other vegetables, not forgetting flowering plants without having to worry about the unpredictable weather conditions throughout the year,  but in reality it’s so much more than that. When you walk through the greenhouse doorway, you are entering the peacefulness of your own private world. Your own bolt-hole to escape to, away from work day stresses and of course the weather! There is something comforting about working in a well-run greenhouse, tending your plants and nurturing them whilst being in your own quiet space with only your own thoughts.

Let’s look at the advantages of greenhouse gardening

* There are plenty of jobs to do in a greenhouse, but none of these are strenuous, which makes it especially suitable for the not-so-young or the disadvantaged

  • * You can plan the inside layout of a greenhouse to suit your needs. So, if you have trouble bending over, everything can be set up at waist height
  • * You have the option of growing plants in soil or using alternative gardening techniques that will save you time, water and nutrients, like our Microgrower Hobby Gardens
  • * Start seeds earlier
  • * Garden in any weather
  • * Relaxation and stress relief
  • * Enjoy experimenting with new plants
  • * Allows you to propagate your favourite plants from cuttings
  • * Have the freedom to grow almost anything you want throughout the year
  • * If you like a challenge then this hobby is definitely for you!

So, are you thinking of starting a new hobby?

If you have space in your garden then it’s worth considering investing in a greenhouse. It may seem like a major investment at the start but it will pay for itself many times over and more importantly give you years of enjoyment.  It doesn’t have to be elaborate or complex. Thanks to modern greenhouse technology, greenhouses come in all shapes and sizes to suit every taste and budget so it’s worth doing some research and seeing what’s available.

There’s no denying that growing plants can occasionally be challenging, but the excitement of seeing those first green shoots emerge from the planted seeds can’t be beaten, and that’s just the start. To see how they grow and flourish because of your care is incredibly fulfilling and enjoyable.

Like everything in ‘growing your own’, there is a learning curve and even the experienced gardener will never know it all when it comes to all things gardening. So, if you think you have to have a ‘green thumb’ to enjoy this hobby, rest assured that you don’t. Just the patience to persevere and the awareness that there is plenty of trial and error involved! And not to be disheartened if the little seedlings don’t pop up to say hello! But in some way, this makes it more thrilling.

As anyone that loves good food will tell you, taste matters. You can’t beat the depth of flavour that comes from growing your own edible crops. Not to mention a real sense of achievement. No chemicals, no more limp salads and the only ‘food miles’ are walking out to the garden. Having fresh edible crops all year is a joy but just imagine walking into your greenhouse on Christmas morning and picking fresh vegetables for your dinner that day. Now that would be a real treat!