Houseplant tips you should know...before you begin to grow

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Anyone that grows their own houseplants knows that they can be very temperamental. Like people (who can also be temperamental!) plants need to be fed, watered, rested, in need of some light and a dose of tender loving care. Sound easy? It would be if all plants had the same growing needs, but were pretty sure that even a non-gardener knows that's just not the case. So, before you begin to grow read the following houseplant tips of care; they should help you on your journey to becoming a successful grower.  

Get to grips with the following tips!


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  • Many people think that watering a plant is the key to successful growing so they water and water and water, when actually it's a sad fact that most plants die more commonly from over-watering than under-watering. Plants vary on the amount of water they need so check carefully their water requirements.
  • Propagating houseplants from seeds will often result in stronger, healthier growth because they adapt to your home's unique conditions from the beginning.
  • Placing your plants near a direct source of heat, like a radiator will dehydrate the plants very quickly. Remember also that most appliances give off heat, like televisions, computers etc.
  • Many plants thrive in high humidity; but unfortunately, in most homes the air is much drier, especially in the winter months when your house is heated. To help with this, daily misting of your plants leaves will be beneficial. Please note; not all leaves will appreciate misting so it's worth checking the care conditions of your plant.
  • Plants become accustomed to their place in your home, and don't like to be moved around too much. If your plant is growing nicely under certain temperature and light conditions, it may struggle to a new environment.
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  • Do you like sitting in a draft? Well plants don't either. We're not saying wrap them up! just make sure they are not placed too close to draughty doors or windows. In the winter months, keep in mind also that glass is a poor insulator so the temperature near window will be considerably colder for your plants.
  • Regularly prune your plants to keep them healthy. Remove dead blooms and leaves as this will encourage new growth and stop it becoming leggy.
  • Check your plants as often as possible for pests and diseases and treat any problems as soon as possible.
  • Don't give up, you can do it!
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We hope these simple houseplant tips will give you some encouragement to grow your own plants. Yes, it can be challenging, yes, it may be hit and miss, but it can be very rewarding. To care for something and watch it grow each day is a real thrill and trust us, a proud moment when your first bloom appears.

Have you any growing tips (even the most bizarre) you would like to share?