Hanging about with Herbs


So many of us enjoy watching ‘celebrity’ cooking programmes. They make the recipes look so simple and tasty. I’ve noticed that one of the reasons for this is the one ingredient they never fail to use and that’s the versatile, aromatic, taste-bursting, magnificent yet humble... ‘HERBS’.

Chefs choice of herbs

I’m always interested to see what herbs the chef will throw in a recipe. I say ‘herbs’ because you can guarantee that more than one herb will be used, whether it’s for the starter, main course, dessert, or simply for decoration.

For the health conscious, herbs enhance the flavour of foods without actually adding any fat, salt, sugar or calories. There really is no limit on what wonderful tastes you can create by adding these culinary delights, making something quite boring into a meal full of flavour. For some simple and everyday recipes, check out All Recipes where you can choose a recipe by the herb of your choice.

Knowing that herbs add a professional flair to any dish, be it a salad or casserole, why not start growing your own? Growing your own herbs can be a fun and cost-effective way to add that special touch to every meal you create, so much fresher and healthier than buying from the supermarket.

Growing herbs couldn’t be easier than with a Grofresh Kitchen Gardener. It even takes the hard work out of growing herbs such as coriander, parsley and chives.

I have some great ideas on how you can use herbs (and not just for cooking!) so keep checking out my blog. And if you have any novel or even odd herb creations to share I would love to hear from you...