A Pinch of this - A Dash of That - Kitchen Tips to have a go at

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The kitchen is not everyone’s favourite room in the house and some of us need all the help we can get to make life easier when we venture in there. We thought we’d search for some ideas that would help or even inspire us to be more proactive in the cooking department.  

Here’s a few tips we’d like to share with you:

  •  Add a teaspoon of fresh herbs to an ice tray, cover with water and freeze. This idea is great for adding to cool summer drinks.
  •  To make a large joint of meat tasty. Make some small cuts in the meat and push in fresh herbs for seasoning
  •  Herb butter is delicious spread over grilled bread or melted on your favourite pasta dish. Finely chop and combine your chosen herbs with butter in a bowl.
  •  Freeze herbs with olive oil and add to stews, soups and roasts. Fill each ice tray with your desired herbs and top up with olive oil, cover with cling film and freeze.
  •  Never use aluminium cookware when cooking tomatoes, the acid in the tomatoes reacts unfavourable with aluminium.
  •  Don't store tomatoes in the fridge as they will lose their flavour.
  •  Store onions in a cool, dry place and not in the fridge, the moisture will eventually turn them soft.
  •  If your home-made soup is too salty simply pop a peeled potato in, It will absorb the excess salt but don’t forget to remove it before serving.
  •  Onions and garlic leave a distinctive smell on your hands after you’ve chopped them, so to remove the smell, rub them on a stainless steel spoon.
  • Want more juice from your lemon? Roll the lemon with the palm of your hand on the work surface before cutting. As a result, this will burst the tiny juice-filled cells in the lemon’s flesh.



We know it’s not strictly from the kitchen but here are a couple of tips for wine lovers!

  •  Try dropping a raisin or two into a bottle of flat champagne or sparkling wine and watch the natural sugars work their magic. Hey presto...Fizz
  •  Keep your wine chilled without watering it down with ice-cubes. Freeze some grapes and pop one or two into your glass.

Any kitchen tips or tricks you’d like to share with us would be especially welcome!