It's that time of year again! New Year Resolutions

Feature_128121470_M.jpg's that time of year again when most of you will have made 'New Year Resolutions' and I'm sure most of you will have at the top of your list to either; eat healthier, lose weight, get fit, or try to be less stressed! These are usually top of the list and I'm wondering whether we make those decisions because it's just after Christmas? With all the run-up to the festive season... buying and wrapping presents, food shopping, cleaning and putting the decorations up, not forgetting entertaining family and friends, it's no wonder we're stressed! and why is it that we think Christmas give us the green light to over indulge in eating and drinking? And why do we stock up a 'Christmas cupboard' full of chocolates and sweets that lasts for weeks after? No wonder these resolutions are so common.

Making New Year Resolutions

I've made new Year resolutions over the years especially eating healthier and losing weight but they've never lasted January out. Sometimes I use to find it stressful trying to keep them. So one year I made a new year's resolution..."Never to make a New Year's resolution again" and I have to say it's the only one I've stuck to!

Having said that, since I've had my Kitchen Gardener and grown my own herbs, I've been motivated to eat healthier anyway. I've found it quite easy to make subtle changes to meals without losing out on taste. The great thing about herbs is that they add flavour to your cooking but not the calories so it's a win win situation. I don't need to make a resolution now about eating healthier because I'm doing it without the pressure of doing it...If you know what I mean!

herbal tea.jpg

As for my stress levels! if I feel them rising, and they do! I'll throw a few basil leaves into a cup of hot water, leave steeping for 5 minutes then enjoy a warming cup of basil tea. Sometimes I will make a herbal tea then pour it in a warm bath and have a nice relaxing soak.There are other herbs you can try to relieve stress or if you simply want to relax, like lavender, chamomile and even sage. There are many more to choose from, it's just a case of personal choice.

Grofresh with plants.png

The beauty of growing herbs in my Kitchen Gardener is that it gives me a choice. I can grow three different herbs at the same time. Depending on how I want to use them, either in my cooking or if I need something to help me relax, I can use whichever I need. I have a habit though every time i when I walk past. I will rub an herb leaf between my fingers, the smell is so uplifting, especially the lemon balm.

Wonders of the world?

Maybe herbs should be one of the 'wonders of the world'. That may sound a bit daft! but think about it. Herbs have been used in our diet and also for many medicinal and spirituality purposes throughout the centuries. This is from as long as 60,000 years ago, can you imagine! It's fascinating to read about herbs and their history throughout the years and what our ancestors used them for. It would definitely inspire you to grow your own if you take a look and see all the benefits that herbs can bring.

Herb heart_77143088_XS.jpg

I'm without doubt a fan of herbs...are you? 

For those of you who are keeping up with tradition "Good luck" with your New Year resolutions. Let us know how long it lasts...months, weeks, days...hours!