When you Plan Your Perfect Garden


When you plan your perfect garden and what you want to grow you need to take a look at plants that will thrive together from the word go

Whose friend or foe in the plant world you may just have to ask

as you want your plants to grow happily and not find it a task


With a little help and good advice and also a few good reasons

your plants will grow strong and flourish through the seasons

So let us start with what we've found to help you on your way

to have success with growing plants and keep problems at  bay

So here we go!

Marigolds emit a strong odour that protects against garden pests

so plant them among your tomatoes where they will do their best

Tomato and basil enhance each other in the kitchen and garden too

planting basil near will improve the flavour of tomatoes when harvest is due


Caterpillars love brassicas and will often eat the leaves

so plant nasturtium among them to let them have a reprieve

Plant garlic chives among your carrots to deter the carrot root fly

also plant strong smelling leeks and sage, the garden pests should pass by


Borage is the best garden companion, a great pollinator attractor

so if you have to fertilize consider this a factor

Great companions for broccoli are sage, basil, garlic, onions, celery and dill

But be aware of planting with tomatoes, peppers or strawberries or they'll go down hill


Companion planting has conflicting sources

and can be quite confusing

just remember when you plant your garden

be careful with your choosing!


Good Luck!